I Will Write All Day by Tao Writer

I will write all day, today, not try to squeeze

creativity between a this or a that,

between nowhere and somewhere to be.

My imagination will stretch with the 
bright morning shadows
creeping slowly 
across the green shimmering leaves.

I will see a flower and create a dedication,

dive into a juicy, ripe papaya and a sonnet will appear.

A sestina with my morning cup of tea.

A long essay with my afternoon meal.

A haiku will tell of the coconuts' fall from the sky,

with a drum role to match the syncopated rain.

A love poem will greet the setting sun and
I will meet the weariness of the evening sky

with a bedtime verse, close my eyes and go to sleep.
Tomorrow, I will write all day, again,

of this wondrous, glorious experience, my life.