The quest is one and the same...We are drawn toward the same craters of the spirit — to know what we are, and what we are for, to know our purpose….

Saul Bellow (June 10, 1915 – April 05, 2005)

Manifesto For Living by Tao Writer

My life is beginning to make sense to me

so long a forgotten memory of purpose,

now, lingering as an ever repeating mind worm—
one I will never again forget.

Today the message is all about me, one who's

life has been seemingly without direction.
I am here to grow in wisdom

for there are no possible mistakes.

I am here to learn to love more,

for Love is the opening of my own heart.

It comes as a message of hope...
Maybe tomorrow, or some tomorrow to come

the message will be about you.
All about you.

Your manifesto for living.

Photo Credit: Happy Human. The symbol for the Humanist Manifesto movement is the elaboration of a philosophy and value system which does not necessarily include belief in any personal deity or "higher power."