God is a concept not a being. God is the black face of the universe, the stars, the planets, the solar systems, the dragonfly, the elephant, the mouse, the spider, the man, and the woman, but these are the life forms we know exist. There are obviously countless others in this ever expanding universe. You don't 'see' God, you feel God inside yourself and in everything you do: good or bad, there is no judgement. The universe(s) is/are God. You are made up of the same elements as the stars. Your molecules are star dust. You are God. God is not out there somewhere watching you. He is inside expressing life through you. Each differently. Each connected. My concept of God is similar to what Teilhard de Chardin referred to as the 'Omega Point', the supreme point of complexity and consciousness which is the actual source point of the expanding universe.

Tao Writer(April 17, 1948 -)

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