How true is truth
how absolute? If I say love
do I mean loving you
to the intrusion of all else
and of all others?
And do I know
if I mean that?

There are wild roses
that have bloomed
far into December, seemingly without a reason.
And some faithful trees
stay barren all year long.
Proving, I suppose,
the only thing consistent
is inconsistency.

Let me say
I will not lie to you
and know I'm lying.
Nor will I comfort you
in any false way
however expedient
that may seem.

And if I catch myself
pretending I'll tell on me
however much it hurts.

Fall down
with me, for now
and let me prove to you
how much I love
inside out and outside in.

If you're still afraid
then guide me if you like.
I love your hand
as much as I love
what's inside your heart.

Rod McKuen (April 29, 1933 – January 29, 2015)

Photo Credit: Traditional Dance of Ecuador, Socrates Black, Digital Image, ©️2017.