In Memoriam

In the early afternoon my mother
was doing the dishes. I climbed
onto the kitchen table, I suppose
to play, and fell asleep there.
I was drowsy and awake, though,
as she lifted me up, carried me
on her arms into the living room,
and placed me on the davenport,
but I pretended to be asleep
the whole time, enjoying the luxury—
I was too big for such a privilege
and just old enough to form
my only memory of her carrying me.
She’s still moving me to a softer place.

Leo Dangel (1941 - 2016)

Photo Credit: Pink Hibiscus. Socrates Black, Digital Image, ©️2017.

Note: I miss you Mom. Hazel L Phillips (January 06, 1926 - July 12, 2013)