Gaston Bachelard On Consciousness

Gaston Bachelard (June 27, 1884 – October 16, 1962) Consciousness rejuvenates everything, giving a quality of beginning to the most everyday actions.   🎂Happy Birthday Gaston Bachelard  (June 27, 1884 – October 16, 1962) In Memoriam🌹

Pearl S Buck On Creativity

Pearl S Buck (June 26, 1892 – March 6, 1973) The creative instinct is ... an enormous extra vitality, a super-energy, born inexplicably in an individual ... an energy which no single life can consume. 🎂Happy Birthday Pearl S Buck (June 26, 1892 – March 6, 1973) in Memoriam🌹

Rebecca Solnit On Hope

Rebecca Solnit (June 24, 1961 -) Hope is a gift you don’t have to surrender, a power you don’t have to throw away, and though hope can be an act of defiance, defiance isn’t enough reason to hope.   🎂Happy Birthday Rebecca Solnit (June 24, 1961 -)🎂

George Carlin On God

George Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008) Tell people there's an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority of them will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.

Zinzi Clemmons On Grief

Zinzi Clemmons You think, when you’re going through grief, that everything else in your life stops. And [sex] is one of the areas where you feel conflicted, because it’s self-indulgent on a very basic level and you’re giving yourself pleasure when someone has just gone through a lot of pain.

Seneca On Life

Seneca (c. 4 BC – AD65) Honors bind one man, wealth another; nobility oppresses some, humility others; some are held in subjection by an external power, while others obey the tyrant within; banishments keep some in one place, the priesthood others. All life is slavery. Therefore each one must accustom himself to his own condition …

Sylvia Plath On Self Doubt

Sylvia Plath (October 27, 1932 – February 11, 1963) Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.  

Gwendolyn Brooks On Life

Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks (June 7, 1917 – December 3, 2000) Wherever life can grow, it will. It will sprout out, and do the best it can.     🎂Happy Birthday Gwendolyn Brooks  (June 7, 1917 – December 3, 2000) In Memoriam🌹

Frank Ostaseski On Love

Frank Ostaseski In the horror of my own suffering, I always had held out the hope that one day someone would rescue me. I had imagined that I would be saved by love coming toward me. Just the opposite. I was rescued when love came through me.

Mary Oliver On Creativity

Mary Jane Oliver (September 10, 1935 – January 17, 2019) The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.  

Carl Sagan On Reading

Carl Sagan  (November 9, 1934 – December 20, 1996) The gears of poverty, ignorance, hopelessness, and low self-esteem mesh to create a kind of perpetual failure machine that grinds down dreams from generation to generation. We all bear the cost of keeping it running. Illiteracy is its linchpin…. Frederick Douglass taught that literacy is the …

Mohsin Hamid On The Great American Novel

Mohsin Hamid   (July 23, 1971 –) Bear with me as I advocate the death of the Great American Novel...The problem is in the phrase itself. “Great” and “Novel” are fine enough. But “the” is needlessly exclusionary, and “American” is unfortunately parochial. The whole, capitalized, seems to speak to a deep and abiding insecurity, perhaps a …