Gabriel García Márquez On Life

Gabriel García Márquez (March 6, 1927–April 17, 2014) Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it in order to recount it.   🎂Happy Birthday Kathleen Sherrill. I will always remember you. In Memoriam🌹

Ai Weiwei On Authenticity

Ai Weiwei (August 28, 1957 -) [Authenticity] is a habit. It is a road we are comfortable with... Being somebody is being yourself. An artist’s success is part of the downside. You can lose yourself. Being yourself is a very difficult game. 🎂Happy Birthday Ai Weiwei (August 28, 1957 -)🎂

Jon Franklin On Beliefs

Jon Franklin (January 13, 1943 -) And curious creatures that we are, in every sense of the word. Not only are we the sole animal in all of nature capable of believing in Santa Claus, we are also the only one that can come to grips with the unpleasant truth that he doesn't exist.

James Comey On A Dangerous Time

James Brien Comey Jr. (December 14, 1960 -) We are experiencing a dangerous time in our country, with a political environment where basic facts are disputed, fundamental truth is questioned, lying is normalized and unethical behavior is ignored, excused or rewarded.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche On Truth

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (October 15, 1844 – August 25, 1900) What then is truth? A movable host of metaphors, metonymies, and anthropomorphisms: in short, a sum of human relations which have been poetically and rhetorically intensified, transferred, and embellished, and which, after long usage, seem to a people to be fixed, canonical, and binding. Truths …

Thomas Merton On Technology And Wisdom

Thomas Merton (January 31, 1915 – December 10, 1968) Technics and wisdom are not by any means opposed. On the contrary, the duty of our age, the “vocation” of modern man is to unite them in a supreme humility which will result in a totally self-forgetful creativity and service.