James Broughton On Vision

James Broughton (November 10, 1913 – May 17, 1999) Believe in hunches, not opinion polls. You are not your name or your telephone number. At boarding time don't miss the boat that has your name on it. It sails only once. Head for the deep. Hold your course, even if your vision shipwrecks you.

David Bohm On Living In Harmony

David Joseph Bohm (December 20, 1917 – October 27, 1992) If we are to live in harmony with ourselves and with nature, we need to be able to communicate freely in a creative movement in which no one permanently holds to or otherwise defends his own ideas.

Seneca On Gratitude

Seneca (c. 4 BC – AD 65) I am grateful, not in order that my neighbour, provoked by the earlier act of kindness, may be more ready to benefit me, but simply in order that I may perform a most pleasant and beautiful act.

David Brooks On Trump

David Brooks (August 11, 1962 -) This is less a party than a personality cult. Law and order is a strange theme for a candidate who radiates conflict and disorder. Some rich children are careless that way; they break things and other people have to clean up the mess.

Nicole Krauss On Bravery

Nicole Krauss (born August 18, 1974 -) Bravery is always more intelligent than fear, since it is built on the foundation of what one knows about oneself: the knowledge of one’s strength and capacity, of one’s passion.