Henry James On Writing

Henry James (15 April 1843 - 28 February 1916) There it is round you. Don't pass it by — the immediate, the real, the only, the yours, the novelist's that it waits for. Take hold of it and keep hold, and let it pull you where it will.

Stendhal On Love

Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle) (January 23, 1783 – March 23, 1842) Indeed, half — the most beautiful half — of life is hidden from one who has not loved passionately.

George Orwell On Foreigners

George Orwell (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950) If he were allowed contact with foreigners, he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself, and that most of what he had been told about them is lies.

John F Kennedy On Consumerism

John F Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963) The march of technology — affecting, for example, the foods we eat, the medicines we take, and the many appliances we use in our homes — has increased the difficulties of the consumer along with his opportunities.

Kahlil Gibran On Love

Kahlil Gibran (January 6, 1883 – April 10, 1931)  Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself. Love possesses not nor would it be possessed: for love is sufficient unto love…Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.

Laura Riding On Doing And Thinking

Laura Riding (January 16, 1901–September 2, 1991)  People who for some reason find it impossible to think about themselves, and so really be themselves, try to make up for not thinking with doing. They try to pretend that doing is thinking.

John Trudell On Truth

John Trudell (Feb. 15, 1946 – Dec. 8, 2015) When one lives in a society where people can no longer rely on institutions to tell them the truth, the truth must come from culture and art.

Henry Miller On The Miraculous

Henry Miller (December 26, 1891 – June 7, 1980) The greatest miracle is the discovery that all is miraculous. And the nature of the miraculous is utter simplicity. ...The ground for any kind of growth and cultivation is prepared by lying fallow.

John O’Donohue On Memory

John O’Donohue (January 1, 1956–January 4, 2008) Taking experience seriously must make it equally necessary to take the destiny or future of experience seriously. This is a particularly poignant necessity, given that the future of each experience is its disappearance. The destiny of every experience is transience…Everything, no matter how painful, beautiful or sonorous, recedes …

Hitomaro On Aging

(c. 662 – 710) When, halting in front of it, I look at the reflection which is in the depths of my clear mirror. It gives me the impression of meeting an unknown old gentle man.

Andre Lorde On Differences

Audre Lorde (February 18, 1934 – November 17, 1992) It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction.