Sue Hubbell On Childhood

95E56FD3-72C5-4A56-95A4-30544C8622FBSue Hubbell (January 28, 1935 – October 13, 2018)

No one expected much from little girls growing up in the 1930s in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Mine was a family of high-aspirers, but they gave up on me […] I was left pretty much alone. I look at today’s youngsters with their enrichment programs, after-school lessons and activities, busily building résumés so that they can get into Harvard and realize I was given a wonderful gift — a happy childhood of my own making. I climbed trees and sat in the tops of them for long, long periods of time. I made exquisite little villages under an old pinoak tree by the edge of a lake. I read a lot in a random sort of way. I wondered a lot because the things I was most interested in seldom were on teachers’ agenda. And so I asked a lot of questions. Asking questions wasn’t a good preparation for any respectable career.