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Adyashanti/On Beliefs
Adyashanti/On Consciousness
Alan Paige Lightman/On Faith
Alan Paige Lightman/On Questions
Alan Watts/On A Happening
Alan Watts/On The Universe
Albert Camus On/Opening The Heart
Albert Einstein/On Kindness, Beauty, And Truth
Albert Einstein/On Solitude
Albert Schweitzer/On Gratitude
Aldous Huxley/On Appetites Of The Soul
Aldous Huxley/On Enlightenment
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn/On Revelations
Alice Koller/On Solitude
Alice Koller/On Writing
Allen Ginsberg/On Five A.M.
Anaïs Nin/On Dreams
Ann Hamilton/On The Possibilities Of Art
Anne Sexton/On Welcome Morning
Anne Beattie/On Time
Annemarie Roeper/On The Core Of Being
Antoine De Saint-Exupery/On Responsibility
Ariana Grande/On Violence
Arthur Koestler/On Living Your Life
Andre Lorde/On Differences
Audre Lorde/On Racism
Authur Rimbaud/On My Bohemian Life
Barack Obama/On Different Points Of View Bertrand Russell/On Fear And Religion
Bertrand Russell/On Religion And Fear
Bill Moyers/On Democracy
Billy Collins/On Aimless Love
Bob Herbert/On Being Human
Buddha/On Believing

C - D

Carl Gustav Jung/On Inner Experiences
Carl Jung/On Myth
Carter G Woodson/On Race And History
Cheryl Strayed/On Voice
Christopher Eric Hitchens/On Alcohol
David Foster Wallace/On Reading
David Paladin/On Balance
David Whyte/On Home
Denise Levertov/On How To Be A Poet
Derek Walcott/On Love After Love
Douglas Adams/On The Journey

E - F

Eckhard Tolle/On Time
Edward Hall/On Language
Edward R Murrow/On Truth
E.E. Cummings/On Being Yourself
Elizabeth Gilbert/On A Rich Life
Ella Wheeler Wilcox/On Protest
Eric Fromm/On Humanism
Fleur Adcock/On Weathering

G - H

Gaston Bachelard/On Dreams
Gaston Bachelard/On Life
George Leonard/On Mastery
George Orwell/On Foreigners
Georgia O'Keeffe/On Living Your Life
Gerard De Nerval/On My Universe
Hannah Arendt/On Thinking
Hannah Arendt/On Totalitarianism
Hank Tusinski/On Brush Painting
Hazel L Phillips/A Letter From Home
Hazif/On God
Henry David Thoreau/On Life
Henry David Thoreau/On The Mind/Body Disconnect
Henry Miller/On Aging
Henry Miller/On Getting Along
Henry Miller/On The Miraculous
Hitomaro/On Aging
Hugh Macleod/On Find Your Own Shtick
Huston Smith/On Religion

I - J

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī/On Joy
James Baldwin/On Death
James Baldwin/On Say Yes To Life
James Broughton/On Inner Vision
Jami Attenberg/On Love
Jean Houston/On Entelechy
Jeanette Winterson/On Language
Jhumpa Lahiri/On Dying
Jiddu Krishnamurti/On Killing
John Burroughs/On The Devine
John F Kennedy/On Consumerism
John Muir/On Travel
John O'Donohue/On Memory
John O’Donohue/On Memory
John Trudell/On Truth
John Updike/On Death
Johnny Cash/On Imagination
Jorges Luis Borges/On Time
Joseph Campbell/On Bliss
Junichiro Tanizaki/On Beauty
Justina Chen/On The Precipice Of A Decision

K - L

Kahlil Gibran/On Being Known
Kahlil Gibran/On Love
Kieren Perkins/On Barriers
Laura Riding Jackson/On Doing And Thinking
Louise Glück/On Walking At Night
Ludwig van Beethoven/On Death

M - N

Marcel Proust/On Death
Marcelo Gleiser/On Listening
Margery Williams/On What Is Real
Maria Popova/On Solitude And Loneliness
Marianne Williamson/On Fear
Marie Corelli/On Life's Greatest Transition
Marie Corelli/On Souls
Mark Strand/On Being A Witness
Martin L King/On Agape
Martin L King/On How Long?
Mary Oliver/On Attention
Mary Oliver/On Inner Vision
Mary Oliver/On The Journey
May Sarton/On Being A Poet
May Sarton/On Solitude
Megan O’Rourke/On The People We Love
Michael Champlin/On Creative Space
Michelle Obama/On Diversity
Neil deGrasse Tyson/On Connections
Neil deGrasse Tyson/On Who We Are
Nikki Giovanni/On Love

O - P

Oliver Sacks/On Gratitude
Oliver Sacks/On Perspective
Oliver Sacks/On Thinking
Pablo Neruda/On Keeping Quiet
Pablo Neruda/On Poetry
Paola Antonelli/On Flags As Symbols
Pearl Buck/On Creativity
Pema Chödrön/On Intention
Pema Chödrön/On Meditation
Pema Chödrön/On Wisdom
Pico Iyer/On Travel

Q - R - S

Rachel Corbett/On In-Seeing
Ralph Ellison/On Being Invisible
Rainer Maria Rilke/On Changing The World
Rainer Maria Rilke/On Death
Rainer Maria Rilke/On Encounters
Rebecca Solnit/On Loss
Rebecca Solnit/On Representation
Richard Dawkins/On Living
Rob Brezsny/On Freedom
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil/On Experts
Robert M Pirsig/On Fanaticism
Rod McKuen/On Absolutes
Rollo May/On Solitude
Ronald Reagan/On Totalitarianism
Sam Harris/On Happiness
Sam Harris/On Spirit
Samuel Johnson/On Hope
Sandy Denny/On Time
Saul Bellows/On Purpose
Seneca/On Beginnings
Seneca/On Living
Shunryū Suzuki/On The Beginner's Mind
Simone de Beauvoir/On Chance
Sofia Valdivieso/On Home
Stanley Kunitz/On Aging
Stanley Kunitz/On The Layers
Steve Biko/On Blackness
Steve Jobs/On Death
Steven Johnson/On Creativity

T - U

Tao Writer/On God
Tao Writer/On Moments
Tao Writer/On Moments
Tao Writer/On Symbols Of Racism
Teresita Fernández/On Art
Terence Hanbury White/On Learning
Theresa May/On Government
Thich Nhat Hanh/On Love
Timothy Synder/On Truth And Freedom
Thomas Stoppard/On Living
Toni Morrison/On The Artist's Task

V - W

Vincent Van Gogh/On The Soul
Walt Whitman/On Existence
Walter Bendix Schönflies Benjamin/On Wisdom
Wendell Berry/On How To Be A Poet
Willa Cather/On Memories
William Goldman/On Writing
William Morris/On Beauty
William Rose Benét/On Writing Poetry
William Zinsser/On The Writer
Wisława Szymborska/On Possibilities
Woody Allen/On Why Is Life Worth Living?

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Xialou Guo/On Love