Abraham Lincoln On Equality And Government

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 Adyashanti On Happiness 

 Adyashanti On Spirituality

 Adyashanti On “I”  

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 Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devil) On Individuals 

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 Bill Hayes On Kindness

 Bishop Desmond Tutu On Peace

 Black Elk On Events  

 Bob Herbert On Wealth  

 Booker T Washington On Success 

 Buddha On Love  



 Carl Sagen On Reading

 Charles Duhigg On Habits  

 Charles Krauthammer On Trump

 Chris Van Allsburg On Christmas Magic 

 Christopher Morley On Books

 Czesław Miłosz On Experience 

 Derek Walcott On Bleecker Street 

 Donald Hall On The Poem

 Dorothy Day On Change



 EE Cummings On Feelings  

 Elie Wiesel On Oppression 

 Elie Wiesel On Silence 

 Elizabeth Bishop on One Art 

 Epictetus On Choice 

 Eric Fromm On Life  

 Ernest Hemingway On Paris

 Etel Adnan

 Fyodor Dostoyevsky On Love 

 Frank Lloyd Wright On Houses 

 Frank Ostaseski On Birth-Death

 Frank Ostaseski On Love

 Franz Kafka On Art

 Frederick Douglass On Reflection 



 Gaston Bachelard On Consciousness

 George Carlin On God

 George Gershwin On Music 

 George Orwell On Truth 

 Georgia O’Keeffe On Starting Over

 Gwendolyn Brooks On Life  

 Hannah Arendt On Oblivion

 Hannah Arendt On Silent Intercourse

 Hannah Arendt On Totalitarianism 

 Harriet Tubman On Strength  

 Heinrich Böll On America

 Helen Fisher On Love As Addiction  

 Henry David Thoreau On Solitude

 Herman Melville On Meditation  

 Hokusai On Drawing

 Howard Zinn On War 



 Ida Tarbell On Connections

 Italo Calvino On Photography

 Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī On Solitude  

 Jamaica Kincaid On Writing 

 James Baldwin On Freedom 

 James Baldwin On Poets

 James Baldwin On Survival  

 James Broughton On Wondrous The Merge

 Jane Addams On Women  

 Jane Kenyon On Melancholy

 Jean Cocteau On Poets 

 Jean Jacques Rousseau On Ownership 

 Jenny Joseph On Growing Old

 John Ashbery On Poetry 

 John Brennan On Donald Trump

 John Cheever On Art 

 John Donne On Mankind  

 John Keats On Happiness

 John O’Donohue On Inner Experience

 John Quincy Adams On Books 

 Jorge Luis Borges On The Self

 Jose Alberto Gutierrez 

 Joseph Brodsky On Evil

 Joseph Goebbels On Lies And Hatred

 Josephine Baker On Differences 

 Juāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī On To Live

 June Singer On Security 

 Junichiro Tanizaki On Beauty



 Karen Reyes On DACA

 Katharine Weber On Loss

 Kahlil Gibran On Race 

 Knut Hamsun On Language 

 Kurt Vonnegut On Life  

 Langston Hughes On The Weary Blues  

 Laurie Ann Paul On Transformation

 Lauren Artress On Service 

 LeBron James On Race  

 Leo Rosten On Writing 

 Leslie Jonath On Poetry

 Lewis Thomas On Possibilities

 Lyndon B Johnson On Race  

 Louise Glück On Writing  

 Ludwig van Beethoven On Genius 

 Luis Cernuda On Love 

 Louis Menand On Poetry  



 Madeleine Dore On Solitude 

 Malcom X On Narrow-Mindeness 

 Marcel Proust On Disquiet 

 Margaret Atwood On Time 

 Margaret Atwood On Writing

 Margaret Fuller On Music

 Mark Boyle On Simplicity

 Maria Mitchell On Awareness  

 Maria Popova On Communication

 Maria Papova On Depression

 Maria Papova On Memory 

 Marianne Moore On Poetry

 Marina Umaschi Bers On Technology  

 Martha Nussbaum On Love

 Martin L King On Injustice

 Martin L King On Racism  

 Martin L King On Satisfaction  

 Martin Louis Amis On Homosexuality

 Marion Milner On Experience

 May Sarton On Poets

 May Sarton On Solitude

 Mary Oliver On Creativity

 Mary Oliver On Life

 Mary Oliver On Needing A Prod

 Mary Oliver On The Journey 

 Maya Angelou On Evil

 Maya Angelou On Phenomenal Woman 

 Melissa Pritchard On Writers And Art

 MFK Fisher On Basic Needs 

 Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin On Immigration

 Miles Davis On Taking Credit  

 Molly Ivins On Liberty

 Mohsin Hamid On Art

 Mohsin Hamid On The Great American Novel

 Nadine Gordimer On Writing 

 Naomi Benaron On The Rwandan Genocide  

 Neil deGrasse Tyson On Transformation  

 Nikki Giovanni On Beautiful Black Men  

 Nimblewill Nomad On Happiness  

 Ntozake Shang On Magic  



 Olivia Laing On Loneliness

 Oliver Sacks On Creativity

 Oliver Sacks On Ideas

 Oliver Sacks On Living  

 Oliver Sacks On Sudden Insight 

 Oliver Sacks On The Sabbath

 Orhan Pamuk On Remembering

 Patricia Carroll-Mathes on Another Lovely Day 

 Pearl S Buck On Creativity  

 Pema Chödrön On Meditation

 Philip K. Dick On Fear 

 Pico Iyer On Perspective

 PJ O’Rourke On Humor



 Rachel Carson On Writing

 Rachel Licker On Climate Change

 Rainer Maria Rilke On Death

 Rainer Maria Rilke On Listening 

 Rainer Maria Rilke On Love 

 Ralph Ellison On Shame 

 Ralph Ellison On Writing 

 Randy Shields On Revolution

 Rebecca Solnit On Hope  

 Richard Freynman On Imagination

 Richard Wright On Hunger For Life  

 Robert Bly On Listening To The Köln Concert  

 Robert McCrum On Aging 

 Robert PInsky On Art And Poetry

 Robert Stone On Writing  

 Roger Angell On Death 

 Sam Shepard On Endings

 Sam Nunberg On Politics

 Sandra Hochman On A Word 

 Seamus Heaney On Solitude  

 Seneca On Happiness 

 Seneca On Life

 Seneca On Sorrow 

 Seung Sahn Soen-sa On Sameness

 Sharon Olds On Diagnosis

 Shirley Jackson On Inner Vision 

 Simone de Beauvoir On Living 

 Sonny Rollins On Being Human  

 Stanley Kunitz On Language

 Stephen Dunn On Writing 

 Stephen Hawking On The Universe  

 Steve Jobs On Death 

 Sylvia Plath On Happiness   

 Sylvia Plath On Life

 Sylvia Plath On Self Doubt



 Tao Writer On Compliments

 Tao Writer On Friendship And Solitude 

 Tao Writer On Standing Undiminished 

 Teju Cole On Photography 

 Terry Tempest Williams On Faith  

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Introduction — Socrates Black

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter One — Anaïs Nin

 The Gate Keeper Of Inspiration: Chapter Two — Rainer Maria    Rilke

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 Ursula K Le Guin On Love 

 Ursula K Le Guin On Perfection

 Victor Frankl On Attitude 

 Virginia Woolf On Reading 



 Walt Whitman On Life

 Walker Evans On Artists

 Walker Percy On The Journey  

 Wallace Stevens On The Artist’s Task

 WEB Du Bois On Racism

 William Blake On The Soul

 William Burroughs On Writing 

 William Strunk Jr On Writing 

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