Directory For The Love Of Wisdom


Abraham Lincoln On America

Abraham Lincoln On Equality And Government

Abraham Lincoln On Truth

Adrienne Rich On Art

Adrienne Rich On Human Relationships 

Adyashanti On Being 

Adyashanti On Beliefs

Adyashanti On Happiness

Adyashanti On Love 

Adyashanti On Loving

Adyashanti On Spirituality

Adyashanti On The Now

Adyashanti On “I”

Ai Weiwei On Authenticity 

Alan Alda On Truth 

Alan Bennett On Reading

Alan Lightman On Questions

Alan Paige Lightman On Faith

Alan Watts On A Happening

Alan Watts On Nature

Alan Watts On The Universe Inside Us

Albert Camus On Artist 

Albert Camus On Awareness 

Albert Camus On Opening The Heart

Albert Einstein On Solitude

Aldis Hodge On Police Brutality

Aldous Huxley On Appetites Of The Soul

Aldous Huxley On Enlightenment

Aldous Huxley On The Journey

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn On Revelations

Alexandra Horowitz On Stimuli 

Alice Koller On Solitude

Alice Meynell On Words

Alice Seabold On Violence

Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devil) On Individuals

Amy Tan On Success

Ana Mendieta On Culture

Anaïs Nin On Artists

Anaïs Nin On Dreams

Anaïs Nin On The Artist’s Task 

Anaïs Nin On Writing 

Andre Lorde On Differences

Ann Druyan On Chance

Anne Beattie On Time

Anne Frank On Nature

Anne Lamott On The Journey

Anne Lamott On Life

Ann Patchett On Writing

Anne Rice On Writing

Anne Rice On Writing

Anne Sexton On Poetry

Anne Sexton On Welcome Morning

Anne Sophie Swetchine On Love

Annemarie Roeper On The Core Of Your Being

Annie Dillard On A Good Life

Annie Dillard On Giving 

Annie Proulx On Writing

Andrew Wyeth On Art

Antoine De Saint-Exupery On Responsibility

Antonio Damasio On Culture And Life 

Anthony Burgess On Experience

Anthony de Mello On Enlightenment

Anton Chekhov On Freedom

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov On Marriage

Anya Krugovoy Silver On Cancer

Arthur Koestler On Living

Arthur Koestler On Living Your Life

Arthur Rimbaud On My Bohemian Life 

Audre Lorde On Acceptable Women 

Audre Lorde On Death

Audre Lorde On The Transformation Of Silence

August Wilson On Life 

August Wilson On The Blues

Authur Rimbaud On My Bohemian Life

Barack Obama On Change

Barack Obama On Different Points Of View

Barack Obama On Race

Barack Obama On Respect 

Baruch Spinoza On Understanding

Basarab Nicolescu On Life

Belkis Ayón On Art   

Benjamin Franklin On Death

Ben Franklin On Permanence

Bertrand Russell On Religion And Fear

Betty Friedan On Inequality

Bill Brandt On Photography

Bill Hayes On Being Alive

Bill Hayes On Kindness

Bishop Desmond Tutu On Peace

Black Elk On Events

Blima Marcus On Vaccines

Bob Herbert On Being Human

Bob Herbert On Wealth

Booker T Washington On Success

Buddha On Believing

Buddha On Love


Carl Jung On Inner Experiences

Carl Jung On Happiness

Carl Jung On Myth

Carl Sagan On Books

Carl Sagan On The Earth 

Carl Sagan On Expectations

Carl Sagen On Reading

César Abraham Vallejo Mendoza On Life

Charles Duhigg On Habits

Charles Krauthammer On Trump

Charles M Blow On Is Trump a Rapist?

Cheryl Strayed On Voice

Chris Van Allsburg On Christmas Magic

Christopher Eric Hitchens On Alcohol

Christoph Koch On Freedom 

Christopher Morley On Books

CS Lewis On Self Consciousness 

Czesław Miłosz On Experience

Dani Shapiro On Writing

David Bohm On Living In Harmony

David Brooks On Trump

David Carr On Addiction

David Foster Wallace On Reading

David Miliband On Lies

David Paladin On Balance

David Stephen Mitchell On Midlife

David Whyte On Home

David Whyte On Love

Deborah Levy On Chaos And Life 

Denise Levertov On To Be A Poet

Derek Walcott On Bleecker Street

Derek Walcott On Love After Love

Donald Hall On The Poem

Donald Andrew Hall On Writing 

Doris Lessing On Prejudice

Dorothy Day On Change

Douglas Adams On The Journey


Eckhard Tolle On Time

Eduardo Porter On Social Dysfunction 

Edward R Murrow On Truth

EE Cummings On Feelings

Eleanor Porter On The Unknown

Elie Wiesel On Being A Witness 

Elie Wiesel On Oppression

Elie Wiesel On Silence

Elizabeth Acevedo On Belonging

Elizabeth Bishop on One Art

Elizabeth Gilbert On A Rich Life

Elizabeth Gilbert On Grief

Ella Wheeler Wilcox On Protest 

EM Foster On Betrayal

Epictetus On Choice

Epictetus On Loss

Erich Fromm On Humanism

Eric Fromm On Life

Ernest Hemingway On Paris 

Esther Sternberg On Connections

Etel Adnan On Memory

Fleur Adcock On Weathering 

Frank Delaney On Poets

Frank Lloyd Wright On Houses

Frank Ostaseski On Birth-Death

Frank Ostaseski On Love

Franz Kafka On Art

Franz Kafka On Music And Poetry 

Frederick Douglass On Crimes Of The Unites States 

Frederick Douglass On Reflection

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche On Living

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche On Truth 

Fyodor Dostoyevsky On Love


Gabriele D’Annunzio On Joy

Gabriel García Márquez On Life 

Gaston Bachelard On Consciousness

Gaston Bachelard On Dreams

Gaston Bachelard On Life

Gaston Bachelard On Love 

Gaston Bachelard On Reverie 

Genevieve Dewar on Human Nature 

George Bernard Shaw On Indifference

George Carlin On God

George Gershwin On Music

George Leonard On Mastery

George Orwell On Foreigners

George Orwell On Truth

Georgia O’Keeffe On Living Your Life

Georgia O’Keeffe On Starting Over

Gerard De Nerval On My Universe

Gwendolyn Brooks On Life

Hank Tusinski On Brush Painting

Hannah Arendt On Oblivion

Hannah Arendt On Pursuit Of Happiness 

Hannah Arendt On Silent Intercourse

Hannah Arendt On Thinking

Hannah Arendt On Totalitarianism

Hannah Arendt On Tyranny 

Harriet Tubman On Strength

Haruki Murakami On Aging And Interviews

Heinrich Böll On America

Helen Fisher On Love As Addiction

Henry David Thoreau On Living

Henry David Thoreau On Self Care 

Henry David Thoreau On Solitude 

Henry David Thoreau On The Mind/Body Disconnect

Henry James On Writing

Henry Louis Mencken On Truth

Henry Miller On Aging

Henry Miller On Communication 

Henry Miller On The Miraculous

Herman Melville On Meditation

Hermann Hesse On God

Hermann Hesse On Listening

Hermann Hesse On Solitude

Hitomaro On Aging

Hokusai On Drawing 

Homer Simpson On Life

Howard Washington Thurman On Your Inner Voice 

Howard Zinn On War

Hugh Macleod On Find Your Own Shtick

Huston Smith On Religion


Ida Tarbell On Connections

Immanuel Kant On Wonder

Inge and Sten Hegeler On Seeing

Isabel Allende On Story Telling

Italo Calvino On Photography

Jack Kerouac On Death 

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī On Joy

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī On Solitude

Jamaica Kincaid On Writing

James Baldwin On Freedom

James Baldwin On Ignorance

James Baldwin On Poets

James Baldwin On Race 

James Baldwin On Say Yes To Life

James Baldwin On Survival

James Broughton On Vision

James Broughton On Wondrous The Merge 

James Comey On A Dangerous Time 

James R McManus On Favors

Jami Attenberg On Love

Jane Addams On Women

Jane Hirshfield On The Creative Self 

Jane Hirshfield On Poetry

Jane Kenyon On Melancholy

Jane Kenyon On Writing

Jean Cocteau On Poets

Jean Houston On Entelechy

Jean Rhys On Truth

Jean Jacques Rousseau On Ownership

Jean-Luc Picard On Time 

Jeanette Winterson On Artists

Jeanette Winterson On Language 

Jenny Joseph On Growing Old

Jhumpa Lahiri On Dying

Jiddu Krishnamurti On Killing

Jiddu Krishnamurti On Killing: Let Us Not Forget 

Jim Harbaugh on The Norm

Jimmy Carter On War

John Ashbery On Poetry

John Brennan On Donald Trump

John Cheever On Art

John Cheever On Living

John Donne On Mankind

John F Kennedy On Consumerism

John Keats On Happiness

John Muir On Nature

John Muir On Travel

John O’Donohue On Inner Experience

John O’Donohue On Memory

John Quincy Adams On Books

John Trudell On Truth

John Updike On Speaking And Writing

Jon Franklin On Beliefs 

Jorge Luis Borges On The Self

Jorge Luis Borges On Time 

Jorges Luis Borges On Time

Jose Alberto Gutierrez

Josef Pieper On Music

Joseph Brodsky On Evil

Joseph Campbell On Bliss

Joseph Goebbels On Lies And Hatred

Josephine Baker On Differences

Juāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī On To Live

June Singer On Security

Junichiro Tanizaki On Beauty 

Justina Chen On The Precipice Of A Decision


Karen Reyes On DACA

Katharine Weber On Loss

Kahlil Gibran On Being Known

Kahlil Gibran On Love

Kahlil Gibran On Love

Kahlil Gibran On Race

Kathy Bates as Gertrude Stein In The Movie-Midnight In Paris-On The Artist’s Task 

Kenneth Patchen On Love And Rebellion

Khaled Hosseini On Writing

Kieren Perkins On Barriers

Knut Hamsun On Language

Kurt Vonnegut On Life

Langston Hughes On Books

Langston Hughes On The Weary Blues

László Krasznahorkai On Living 

Laura Riding On Doing And Thinking

Lauren Elizabeth Oaks On Hope

Laurie Ann Paul On Transformation

Lauren Artress On Service

LeBron James On Race

Leo Rosten On Writing

Leo Tolstoy On God

Leonard Cohen On Words 

Leslie Jonath On Poetry

Lewis Thomas On Possibilities

Lewis Thomas On The Earth

Lincoln Steffens On Knowledge

Louis Menand On Poetry

Louise Bourgeois On Solitude

Louise Gluck On Walking At Night

Louise Glück On Writing

Lucie Brock Broido On Freedom Of Speech

Ludwig van Beethoven On Death

Ludwig van Beethoven On Genius

Luis Cernuda On Love

Lydia Susanna Hunter On Secrets 

Lyndon B Johnson On Race

Lyndon B Johnson On Voting, Racism And Fear

Lynn Margulis On Interconnectedness 


Madeleine Dore On Solitude

Madeleine L’Engle On Hubris 

Madeleine L’Engle On Self Consciousness

Malcom X On Narrow-Mindeness

Marcel Proust On Disquiet

Marcus Tullius Cicero On Laws 

Margaret Atwood On Time

Margaret Atwood On Writing

Margaret Fuller On Music

Margaret Fuller On Mankind

Marge Piercy On The End Of Days

Margery Williams On What Is Real

Marianne Williamson On Fear

Marie Corelli On Souls

Marie Howe On Singularity

Marjane Satrapi On Images

Mark Boyle On Simplicity 

Maria Mitchell On Awareness

Maria Popova On Chance and Choice

Maria Popova On Communication 

Maria Papova On Depression

Maria Popova On Love 

Maria Papova On Memory

Maria Popova On The Golden Age

Marianne Moore On Poetry

Marie Corelli On Life’s Greatest Transition

Marina Umaschi Bers On Technology

Mark Strand On Being A Witness

Martha Graham On Progress

Martha Nussbaum On Inner Experience

Martha Nussbaum On Love

Martin L King On Injustice

Martin L King On Racism

Martin L King On Satisfaction

Martin Louis Amis On Homosexuality

Marion Milner On Experience

May Sarton On Poets

May Sarton On Solitude

Mary Oliver On Attention

Mary Oliver On Creativity

Mary Oliver On Inner Vision

Mary Oliver On Life

Mary Oliver On Needing A Prod

Mary Oliver On One Or Two Things 

Mary Oliver On The Journey

Mary Prince On Slavery

May Sarton On Solitude

Maya Angelou On Evil

Maya Angelou On Phenomenal Woman

Meghan O’Rourke On Love

Melissa Pritchard On Writers And Art

MFK Fisher On Basic Needs  

Michael Champlin On Creative Space

Michael Chertoff On Divisions

Michael Pollan On Habits 

Michael Pollan On Psychedelic Experience

Michelle Obama On Diversity

Mike Parr On Art 

Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin On Immigration

Miles Davis On Taking Credit

Molly Ivins On Liberty

Mohsin Hamid On Art

Mohsin Hamid On The Great American Novel

Nadine Gordimer On Writing

Naomi Benaron On The Rwandan Genocide

Naomi Shihab Nye On Poetry

Neil deGrasse Tyson On Connections

Neil deGrasse Tyson On Transformation

Neil deGrasse Tyson On Who We Are

Neil Young On Writing

New York Times On Existence

Nicole Krauss On Bravery

Niels Bohr On Language And Religion 

Niels Bohr On Religion

Nikki Giovanni On Beautiful Black Men

Nimblewill Nomad On Happiness

Nina Bogin On Initiation

Ntozake Shang On Magic


Olivia Laing On Loneliness

Oliver Sacks On Creativity

Oliver Sacks On Ideas

Oliver Sacks On Living

Oliver Sacks On Perspective

Oliver Sacks On Sudden Insight

Oliver Sacks On The Sabbath

Oliver Sacks On Thinking

Olivia Laing On Loneliness

Orhan Pamuk On Remembering

Ortega Y Gasset On Interests

Pablo Neruda On Destiny

Pablo Neruda On Keeping Quiet

Pablo Neruda On Poetry

Pablo Picasso On Passions 

Paola Antonelli On Flags As Symbols

Rachel Corbett On In-Seeing

Patricia Carroll-Mathes On Another Lovely Day

Patrick White On Success

Pearl S Buck On Creativity

Pema Chödrön On Intention

Pema Chödrön On Meditation

Pema Chödrön On Wisdom

Philip K. Dick On Fear

Philip Milton Roth On Writing

Pico Iyer On Perspective

Pico Iyer On Travel

PJ O’Rourke On Humor

Pythagoras On Philosophers 


Rachel Carson On The Earth

Rachel Carson On Writing

Rachel Licker On Climate Change

Rainer Maria Rilke On Death

Rainer Maria Rilke On Death

Rainer Maria Rilke On God

Rainer Maria Rilke On Listening

Rainer Maria Rilke On Love

Rainer Maria Rilke On Love

Rainer Maria Rilke On Love

Rainer Maria Rilke On Transformation

Ralph Ellison On Shame

Ralph Ellison On The Invisible Man

Ralph Ellison On Writing

Ralph Steadman On Wonder

Randy Pausch On Dreams 

Randy Shields On Revolution

Rebecca Mead On Being Uncommitted 

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein On Love

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein On Personal Identity 

Rebecca Solnit On Hope

Rebecca Solnit On Lies And Language

Rebecca Solnit On Rape

Rebecca Solnit On Representation

Rebecca Solnit On The Media

Rebecca Solnit On Transformation 

Rebeca West On The Universe

Rex Tillerson On Integrity 

Richard Freynman On Imagination 

Richard Wright On Hunger For Life

Rob Brezsny On Freedom

Rodman Edward “Rod” Sterling On TV Production

Robert Bly On Listening To The Köln Concert

Robert Gascoyne-Cecil On Experts

Robert Graves On Flying Crooked

Robert M Pirsig On Fanaticism

Robert McCrum On Aging

Robert PInsky On Art And Poetry

Robert Stone On Writing

Roger Angell On Aging 

Roger Angell On Death

Rollo May On Solitude

Ronald Reagan On Freedom

Rosamond Lehmann On Sound

Sam Harris On Happiness

Sam Shepard On Endings

Sam Nunberg On Politics

Samuel Johnson On Hope

Samuel Levenson On Mistakes

Sandy Denny On Time

Sandra Hochman On A Word

Saul Bellows On Manifesto for Life

Saul Leiter On Success 

Seamus Heaney On Solitude

Seneca On Giving 

Seneca On Gratitude

Seneca On Happiness

Seneca On Life

Seneca On Life And Death

Seneca On Living

Seneca On Sorrow

Seung Sahn Soen-sa On Sameness 

Sharon Olds On Diagnosis

Shilpa Bhatia On “Fitting In”

Shirley Jackson On Inner Vision

Simone de Beauvoir On Chance

Simone de Beauvoir On Living

Simone Weil On Closeness

Simone Weil On Ends And Means

Sofia Valdivieso On Home

Sonny Rollins On Being Human

Stanley Kunitz On Aging

Stanley Kunitz On Language 

Stanley Kunitz On The Layers

Stendhal On Love

Stephen Dunn On Writing

Stephen Dunn On Writing

Stephen Hawking On The Universe

Steve Biko On Blackness

Steve Jobs On Death

Steve Jobs On Death

Steve Jobs On Trust

Steven Johnson On Creativity

Subhash Vyam On Nature

Sue Hubbell On Childhood

Susan Minot On Becoming A Writer

Susan Sontag On Time And Space

Swami Vivekananda On Mind 

Sylvia Plath On Happiness

Sylvia Plath On Life

Sylvia Plath On Self Doubt


Tao Writer On A Personal Space

Tao Writer On Compliments

Tao Writer On God

Tao Writer On Friendship And Solitude

Tao Writer On Moments

Tao Writer On Standing Undiminished

Ted Hughes On Poetry 

Teilhard de Chardin On Love 

Teju Cole On Blackface

Teju Cole On Photography

Terry Pratchett On Death

Terry Tempest Williams On Aggression 

Terry Tempest Williams On Faith

Theresa May On Government

Thich Nhat Hanh On Love 

Thich Nhat Hanh On Love

Thomas Michael Bond On Fantasy

Tim Cook On Engagement

Tim Kreider On Mortality

Timothy Snyder On Truth

Thomas L. Friedman On Trump And Nationalism

Thomas Stoppard On Living

Thomas Merton On Technology And Wisdom 

Tom Hanks On Protests

Toni Morrison On Books And Questions

Toni Morrison On Letting Go

Toni Morrison On The Artist’s Task

Tracy K Smith On Time

Tracy Kidder On TheTruth

Trevor Noah On Fear And Laughter

Twyla Hansen On Trying To Pray

Ursula K Le Guin On Anger

Ursula K Le Guin Anger And Hatred

Ursula K Le Guin On Information 

Ursula K Le Guin On Love

Ursula K Le Guin On Love

Ursula K Le Guin On Old Age 

Ursula K Le Guin On Perfection

Ursula K Le Guin On The Future

Ursula K Le Guin On Time

Victor Frankl On Attitude

Virginia Esther Hamilton On Want

Virginia Woolf On Life

Virginia Woolf On Reading

Virginia Woolf On The Unknown

Virginia Woolf On Writing

Voltairine de Cleyre On Anarchism


Walker Evans On Artists

Walker Percy On The Journey

Wallace Stevens On The Artist’s Task

Wallace Stegner On Wilderness

Walt Whitman On Being

Walt Whitman On Democracy

Walt Whitman On Life

WEB Du Bois On Racism

Wendell Berry On How To Be A Poet

Wesley Morris On Race

Wilhelm Nietzsche On Life

Willa Cather On Memories

William Blake On The Soul

William Burroughs On Writing

William Carlos Williams On This Is Just To Say

William Howard Gass On Mischance 

William James On Mystical States 

William Lewis Safire On Writing

William Rose Benét On Poetry 

William Rose Benét On Writing Poetry

William Strunk Jr On Writing

William Wordsworth On Poetry

William Zinsser On The Writer

Winnie The Pooh On Doing Nothing

Wisława Szymborska On Possibilities

Wisława Szymborska On The Moment

Woody Allen On Why Is Life Worth Living?

WS Merlin On Dew Light

Xiaolu Guo On Love 

Xialou Guo On Love


Yoda On Fear

Yuan-Sou On Subtleness 

Yuval Noah Harari On Stupidity

Zadie Smith On Race

Zinzi Clemmons On Grief

Zinzi Clemons On Writers