Haruki Murakami On Aging And Interviews

20E9BC2A-3FEA-42F7-B908-272DA3648E18Haruki Murakami (January 12, 1949 -)

The last time we did an interview was ten years ago, and many important things have happened in those ten years. For instance, I got ten years older. That’s a very important thing—at least to me. I’m getting older day by day, and as I get older I think of myself in a different way from in my younger days. These days, I’m trying to be a gentleman. As you may know, it’s not easy to be a gentleman and a novelist. It’s like a politician trying to be Obama and Trump. But I have a definition of a gentleman novelist: first, he doesn’t talk about the income tax he has paid; second, he doesn’t write about his ex-girlfriends or ex-wives; and, third, he doesn’t think about the Nobel Prize for Literature. So, please don’t ask me about those three things. I would be in trouble.

Ursula K Le Guin On Time

DDA00FA3-7076-4A8A-B88B-A346220F9593Ursula K Le Guin (October 21, 1929 – January 22, 2018)

The opposite of spare time is, I guess, occupied time. In my case I still don’t know what spare time is because all my time is occupied. It always has been and it is now. It’s occupied by living.

An increasing part of living, at my age, is mere bodily maintenance, which is tiresome. But I cannot find anywhere in my life a time, or a kind of time, that is unoccupied. I am free, but my time is not. My time is fully and vitally occupied with sleep, with daydreaming, with doing business and writing friends and family on email, with reading, with writing poetry, with writing prose, with thinking, with forgetting, with embroidering, with cooking and eating a meal and cleaning up the kitchen, with construing Virgil, with meeting friends, with talking with my husband, with going out to shop for groceries, with walking if I can walk and traveling if we are traveling, with sitting Vipassana sometimes, with watching a movie sometimes, with doing the Eight Precious Chinese exercises when I can, with lying down for an afternoon rest with a volume of Krazy Kat to read and my own slightly crazy cat occupying the region between my upper thighs and mid-calves, where he arranges himself and goes instantly and deeply to sleep. None of this is spare time. I can’t spare it…I am going to be eighty-one next week. I have no time to spare.

🎂Happy Birthday Ursula K Le Guin  (October 21, 1929 – January 22, 2018) In Memoriam🌹

Roger Angell On Aging

  Roger Angell  (September 19, 1920 -)  Roger Angell (September 19, 1920 -)

I’ve endured a few knocks but missed worse. I know how lucky I am, and secretly tap wood, greet the day, and grab a sneaky pleasure from my survival at long odds. The pains and insults are bearable. My conversation may be full of holes and pauses, but I’ve learned to dispatch a private Apache scout ahead into the next sentence, the one coming up, to see if there are any vacant names or verbs in the landscape up there. If he sends back a warning, I’ll pause meaningfully, duh, until something else comes to mind.

🎂Happy Birthday Roger Angell, (September 19, 1920 -) 98 Years of Life🎂

Oliver Sacks On Sudden Insight

   Oliver Sacks   (July 09, 1933 - August 30, 2015)
Oliver Sacks   (July 09, 1933 – August 30, 2015)

To be full of strength and vigor one moment and virtually helpless the next, in the pink and pride of health one moment and a cripple the next, with all one’s powers and faculties one moment and without them the next – such a change, such suddenness, is difficult to comprehend, and the mind casts about for explanations.

Note: I, too, am in such a quandary as I seach for an explanation, knowing and completely aware there might not be one. Tao.