Elizabeth Alexander On Art

BC828254-6245-44A2-B543-400C2BA12725Elizabeth Alexander (May 30, 1962 -)

Art replaces the light that is lost when the day fades, the moment passes, the evanescent extraordinary makes its quicksilver. Art tries to capture that which we know leaves us, as we move in and out of each other’s lives, as we all must eventually leave this earth.

Belkis Ayón On Art

    Belkis Ayón   (1967-1999) 
  Belkis Ayón  (1967-1999) 

These are the things I have inside that I toss out because there are burdens with which you cannot live or drag along. Perhaps that is what my work is about — that after so many years, I realize the disquiet.

Franz Kafka On Art

   Franz Kafka        (July 03, 1883 – June 03, 1924)
Franz Kafka     (July 03, 1883 – June 03, 1924)

Art, like prayer, is a hand outstretched in the darkness, seeking for some touch of grace which will transform it into a hand that bestows gifts.

🎂Happy Birthday Franz Kafka (July 03, 1883 – June 03, 1924) In Memoriam🌹

Melissa Pritchard On Writers And Art

   Melissa Pritchard   (December 12, 1948 -) 
Melissa Pritchard (December 12, 1948 -) 

Great writers are witnesses to the spirit of their age. They need not be accepted by their times; they rarely are. Speaking the truth, they may go unheard, be misunderstood or criticized. Later, posthumously, it is said they were ahead of their time…What you have chosen is a profound vocation of healing, and your stories and poems are as sacraments, as visible blessings. Be at the heart and soul of your time, not resigned to what is safe or peripheral. Try to free yourself from attachment to results, to awards, publications, praise, to indifference, rejection, and misunderstanding. Immerse yourself in the common ground of the universe so that your true voice – not the egoistic voice that clamors vainly for power (for it will ruin you if you listen to it) your authentic voice, supported by sacred reality, may be heard. May your words illuminate your vision, find you compassionate, attuned to human suffering and committed to its alleviation…All great literature has an uncreeded and luminous theology behind it… Art [is] a form of active prayer.



Adrienne Rich On Art

   Adrienne Rich   (May 16, 1929 – March 27, 2012) 
Adrienne Rich (May 16, 1929 – March 27, 2012) 

Art is our human birthright, our most powerful means of access to our own and another’s experience and imaginative life. In continually rediscovering and recovering the humanity of human beings, art is crucial to the democratic vision. And, for more than 50 years I have been writing, tearing up, revising poems, studying poets from every culture and century available to me. I have been a poet of the oppositional imagination, meaning that I don’t think my only argument is with myself. My work is for people who want to imagine and claim wider horizons and carry on about them into the night.