Bob Herbert On Being Human

5A6BEBD5-AC87-46D1-AE9C-748A05DA79AFBob Herbert (March 07, 1945 -)

One of the essential problems of our society is that we have a tendency, amid all the craziness that surrounds us, to lose sight of what is truly human in ourselves, and that includes our own individual needs — those very special, mostly nonmaterial things that would fulfill us, give meaning to our lives, enlarge us, and enable us to more easily embrace those around us.

Sonny Rollins On Being Human

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   Sonny Rollins   (September 07, 1930 -)
Sonny Rollins (September 07, 1930 -)

It’s not a matter of your intelligence or anything. You have to have a gift. Just as, I’m sure, for other professions. […] I came upon these very great and — not just great musicians, but great people. […] And I’m trying to now live my life like that. I’ve got a gift, a musical gift, fine. But I want to be a human being, a good human being. I need to always express that to young students. Everybody can have a gift. That’s a gift. But then we have to be good human beings. So that’s what it’s all about.


Photo Credit: The Gitdown Hoedown by Larry Martin.


Listen to Sonny Rollins play Don’t Stop the Carnival  here.

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