Martha Nussbaum On Anger

Martha Nussbaum (May 06, 1047 -) All too often, anger becomes an alluring substitute for grieving, promising agency and control when one’s real situation does not offer control… Anger is often well-grounded, but it is too easy for it to hijack the necessary mourning process.

Martha Nussbaum On Emotions

Martha Nussbaum (May 06, 1947 -) Emotions are not just the fuel that powers the psychological mechanism of a reasoning creature, they are parts, highly complex and messy parts, of this creature’s reasoning itself.

Martha Nussbaum On Love

Martha Nussbaum (May 06, 1947 -) The alternations between love and its denial, suffering and denial of suffering … constitute the most essential and ubiquitous structural feature of the human heart.   🎂Happy Birthday Martha Nussbaum (May 06, 1947 -)